Types Of Online Gambling

Online Gambling
Written by Dan Harrington

Online gambling refers to placing bets and earning money via the internet. It’s the same as playing a casino with the difference that it is played virtually. It also includes virtual sports betting, poker, and many other games. The money used to bet is used through credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies, wins or losses are relished by these means only.


  • Sports betting-It is betting on teams in any sport and many sports betting websites are available on the internet.
  • Casino- it is just like offline casino games without having to go to a casino.
  • Virtual Poker- Same as normal poker but virtual.
  • Lottery- Different lottery games are also available online.
  • Online slot machine games are fun too.

Friend or foe:

The first impression or thought after hearing the words ONLINE GAMBLING is, well it is not that good. But the question arises, is it safe? The answer to this question varies as it depends on the legality of the respective. It is legal in Italy, some states of the US, the UK, Sweden, and hence many websites are available in these states which are safe to online gamble on. But there are also countries in which it’s illegal including Japan, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, Qatar, Singapore, and many more. it’s unsafe here to use websites for online gambling as you might associate with fraudulent websites that might gain access to your online account. Many countries are not clear about the legality and its framework. it is also believed that you might get addicted to it and compulsive gambling has consequences too but at the end of the day, it depends on the person.

Online Gambling

Online gambling market

The market of online gambling is extremely vast and has reached more than the expected revenues in recent times because of the covid. It adds to the economy of the country. As the internet is reaching every corner of the country it’s not that difficult for anyone to access online gambling sites.

Online gambling can be harmful as it can lead to addiction if not done under control. It can potentially ruin someone’s life affecting social life, self-esteem, relationships, mental and physical health, if got deep in this scandal it’s very difficult to get out of. On the contrary, it can be a valuable industry for a country when put an eye on and made legal.

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